Cookies Definition

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored in users' devices when they access websites. These files can store information on user browsing habits, with a view to customise information presented to us on websites. Cookies are widely used online, to improve web services and offer the user a better browsing experience, to save and retrieve their preferences, and to gather statistical information on web navigation, pages visited, the duration of visits etc.

Cookies can be classified into different categories according to their characteristics, and can correspond with one or more of these categories.

  • ∙ Depending on their origin They can be 'first-party' or 'third-party' cookies, depending on the entity that manages
  • ∙ Depending on their duration They can be 'session' cookies, which expire when the browser is closed and are primarily used to keep a user session active, or 'persistent' cookies, which expire when the objective for which they were designed has been fulfilled, or when they are deleted manually.
  • Depending on their purpose they can be:

    1. 'Technical or necessary' to enable the use of different services of the website. If the user disables this type of cookie in his/her web browser settings, he/she will not be able to continue browsing.
    2. 'Functional' cookies, including 'personalisation' cookies, to offer personalised services according to pre-established criteria, and 'analytical' cookies, to monitor user browsing behaviour to gather statistics and to produce navigation profiles with the aim of implementing improvements according to the analysis of the usage data related to the offer of products and/or services (they are processed by us or third parties, fundamentally through Google Analytics). If the user does not accept the use of functional cookies, this website will continue to work, although some of its functions may be lost.
    3. 'Advertising' cookies to show adverts according to pre-determined user profiles, 'behavioural advertising' cookies, similar to the previous case, but taking into account user behaviour and browsing habits, etc. In general, these cookies enable custom advertisements to be displayed for the user, both inside and outside our website, while the user is browsing.

When visiting our websites, we gather standard data as well as details on visitors' behavioural patterns. This information does not contain any personal data whatsoever, nor is it associated with information that would allow for the user to be identified. If personal information is needed, we will expressly request it from you.

The use of our websites implicates your express and unequivocal consent to the use of cookies, under the terms and conditions established in this Cookies Policy, notwithstanding the measures for deactivating and deleting cookies that you can take, and which are detailed in the section on Cookie Control.

It is possible for the Cookies Policy on our website to change from time to time, and so we recommend that you review our information on the Cookies Policy periodically, so that you can always be informed.

When browsing through our websites, the user can link to other websites where we are present. When the user selects this option, he/she will be redirected to said website, and once he/she has left our page we cannot take responsibility for the use of cookies on such third-party websites.

For further information, you can consult the Privacy policies of these links at the following addresses:

  • LinkedIn's Privacy Policy .
  • Twitter's Privacy Policy
  • Facebook's Privacy Policy
  • Youtube's Privacy Policy
  • Google's Privacy Policy
  • Instagram's Privacy Policy

You may see, delete, limit the use of or deactivate the use of cookies, or receive a warning when they are going to be generated, via the browser's menu. Since the steps to do this are different in each browser, use the help function of your browser to see how. You can also obtain further information at the following links:

  • Information about Internet Explorer
  • Information about Chrome
  • Information about Firefox
  • Information about Safari
  • Information about Opera

Users must take into account that some content features on the websites are only available if cookies are accepted on your browser. If you decide to accept or block certain cookies, depending on their purpose, this may affect, either wholly or partially, the normal operation of the website or prevent access to some of its services.

The following non-exempt cookies are used in our websites:

Tipo de Cookie ► Procedencia ► Nombre ► Duración ► Función

  • ∙ Required: Own - mkCookie - 90 days - Accepting or rejecting the Cookies
  • ∙ Required: Own - SSOCatalanaPortalReferrer - Session - Linking the URL in certain actions on the portal.
  • ∙ Required: Own - SCOExtranet07 - Session - Language and access information.
  • Required: Propia - cc- 365 días - Nivel de aceptación de la política de cookies
  • ∙ Functional: Google Analytics - _utma, _utmb,_utmc,_utmz - Persistent - Anonymously knowing the number of visitors, origin, pages visited, etc.
  • ∙ Functional: Twitter - guest_id - Persistent - Tracking and establishing preferences. ∙ Advertising:
  • Google - NID, PREF - Persistent - Customising ads displayed on Google Services. Our websites use Google Analytics, which is one of the most employed Web analysis services on the Internet. Although this information is collected anonymously, users can prevent data of their visit being included in Google Analytics reports by installing a Google Analytics disabling add-on for browsers, which is available at This add-on does not prevent information from being sent to websites through means other than these Web analysis services.