Types of will

Will and legacies before Notary Public:
Notarial deed in which a person provides instructions regarding the distribution of their property upon their death. Must be entered in the Register of Wills.

Living Will (document of Advance Directives or end of life care instructions):
Notarial deed in which a person expresses in advance their wishes --with the intention of these taking effect if they should be unable to express themselves-- regarding care and health treatment, or once they have died, regarding what happens to the body and the use of their organs. In order to be effective it must be entered in the Register of Advance Directives of the relevant Autonomous Community in Spain.

Charitable legacy:
In this type of will a person arranges for part of their estate to be donated to a Non-Profit organization or Charity upon their death, at all times respecting the descendants' legitimate proportion of the estate as provided for by Law.